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While traditional colony covering techniques don’t allow a proper evacuation of humidity and water vapour, beekeepers are facing humidity, mould and parasite problems due to a defective ventilation of the hives. Inspired by the best architectural envelopes, Bee Space™ has developed an exclusive wintering slipcover that offers sufficient insulation, allows the evacuation of excessive humidity, protects equipment against bad weather and prevents vermin from damaging equipment.

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wintering technique

Thought-out wintering method in respect with the bee’s biology and regulating current wintering practices. The slipcover design creates an air space between the hive and the slipcover, which is a rain guard principle inspired by contemporary architecture techniques. This separates the condensation point from the hive, therefore eliminating the damaging effects of frost and humidity accumulation on the colony and equipment.

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Preservation of
the colonies

Increases breathability, the evacuation of excessive humidity and adequate regulation of the apiaries’ inner environment during winter. By creating an air space, the colony is being properly ventilated allowing the bees to better cope with the humidity created by winter activities. Since bees handle cold well, the air space gives a sufficient isolation without overheating the colony during winter thaw periods.

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Increase of

Contributes to the rise of productivity and the colonies’ and pollination output, thereby increasing the health of the hives, harvest, equipment lifespan and beekeepers’ profitability. In business, it is imperative to end the financial year above zero. This is why Bee Space wishes to contribute to the increase of beekeepers’ turnover by offering them sustainable products adapted to their budget and allowing them to protect their investment.

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Fast and standardized

The slipcover design offers an intuitive, fast and sturdy installation allowing the beekeeper to spend his time elsewhere, such as moment spent on preparing for the wintering of colonies. Properly covering bee colonies should not take more time than other methods. A product offering a simplified installation can be a great time saver for beekeepers.

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The wintering slipcovers are made from recycled and reused materials, allowing the product to last longer while reducing its environmental impact. Despite the energy cost to manufacture polystyrene insulation, it has a very long lifespan and can be totally recycled. As for the canvas, it is made from scraps of new architectural membranes and its durability has been proven to be installed in winter conditions. To follow this tangent, each component of the slipcover is interchangeable and repairable in order to lengthen the lifespan of the product as much as possible.


In order to meet the needs of all dimensions of beekeeping, Bee Space™ offers a family of wintering products that can cover a single colony to a group of four. Our slipcover is designed to fit a Langstroth or Dadant 10 frame beehive with one deep box, but can also be adapted for a double deep box or a feeder. Regardless of the size of your apiary, you therefore benefit from a cover that easily adapts to all your wintering needs.

Bee Space™ slipcovers are available at authorized beekeeping equipment distributors. Please contact us so we can put you in touch with the nearest retailer.


Kit no.01 / 01 colonie / 1 Deep hive body

149$ | 169$ | 189$

Configuration: OSHW base (DIY) | Standard Base | Royal Base

Slipcover standard color: Black Charcoal

kit no.02 / 01 colonies / 2 Deep hive body

169$ | 189$ | 209$

Configuration: OSHW base (DIY) | Standard Base | Royal Base

Slipcover standard color: Black Charcoal

kit no.03 / 04 colonies 1 Deep hive body

269$ | 279$ | 349$

Configuration: OSHW base (DIY) | Commercial solution | Standard Base

Slipcover standard color: Black Charcoal

kit no.04 / 04 colonies 2 Deep hive body

299$ | 309$ | 379$

Configuration: OSHW base (DIY) | Commercial solution | Standard Base

Slipcover standard color: Black Charcoal

Color chart

Queen’s Choice™ is the most environmentally friendly choice in terms of product color. As this is a new membrane remnant, the colors of the slipcover will reflect the remnants available during the manufacture of the product.


Queen choice™

Environmentally choice

Black Charcoal™

Standard color

Royal Grey™

On request only (MOQ: 100 units)

Bee Space™

On request only (MOQ: 100 units)

Warranty 5 years

Product warranty and lifespan

We are confident in providing you with a high quality product and that is part of why we are so proud to be the first beekeeper company to offer a 5 year degressive warranty on our slipcover’s membrane.


In order to offer a product closer to beekeeper’s needs, Bee Space’s™ mission is to share its innovations by offering freely all blueprints of its prefabricated bases. This allows beekeepers who wish to reduce the costs of acquiring the slipcover, to build their bases themselves if they have the capacity. Thereby, we reduce our environmental footprint of large-scale production.


Blueprint will be available shortly on our web page or on a 1: 1 scale pattern printed directly on the packaging. Subject to Creative Common CC-BY-NC license

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Bee SpaceTM exceeded its objective of crowdfunding by raising more than $ 40,000 to start their commercial production. If you believe in the undeniable contribution of bee colonies to beekeeping and our food sovereignty, contribute to our project by subscribing to the Bee SpaceTM newsletter or by pre-ordering one of our products!

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