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Protecting your bees with the BeeSlip™

The sustainable solution to simplify wintering

Bee Space™ offers a complete range of winter hive slipcovers tailored to your needs, whether it’s for a single colony or a group of four. Our slipcovers are designed to fit Langstroth or Dadant 10-frame hives, with one or two deep hive body. No matter the size of your apiary, we have the ideal solution for successful wintering.


Find BeeSlip™ wintering slipcovers at our partner beekeeping equipment distributors. Contact us now to be connected with the nearest retailer. Don’t let poor preparation affect your bees, choose quality and simplicity with the BeeSlip™!


BeeSlipKit no.01 / 01 Colony / 1 Deep hive body

BeeSlipkit no.02 / 01 Colony / 2 Deep hive body

BeeSlipkit no.03 / 04 Colonies /1 Deep hive body

BeeSlipkit no.04 / 04 Colonies / 2 Deep hive body

BeeSlip™ description

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Improves winter
survival conditions

Our innovative slipcover allows effective management of moisture and condensation that form inside the hive due to bee activity. By combining our slipcover with appropriate treatments against parasites and proper feeding, you significantly increase the chances of survival of your colonies.

Proven solution
for harsh winter climates

The BeeSlip™ slipcover has proven itself in one of the world’s most severe winter climates. Imagine a beehive like a house: warm inside, but cold outside. Our cover draws inspiration from the best architectural practices to create an ideal environment tailored to the biology of bees.

Optimal ventilation,
uncompromised insulation

Ventilation is crucial to maintain optimal conditions inside the beehive. The slipcover has been specially designed to provide continuous airflow, even when the hive is buried under snow. The product offers insulation performance adapted to the winter activity of bees and minimizes thermal bridges between the hive and the outside.

Accelerate spring

Spring is a crucial period for the survival of bees, as their reserves are low and the flowering has not yet begun. The slipcover allows a quick inspection of the colony to ensure that it has the necessary resources to thrive from the start of the beekeeping season.

Quick and robust

Preparing colonies for winter should not be long or complex. The slipcover is quick to install, and its installation is sturdy, allowing the colony to withstand the worst winter weather, including storms, strong winds, freezing rain, or extreme temperatures.

Sustainable and

Lifespan of the wintering slipcover is beyond 10 years, requiring minimal maintenance. To counter obsolescence, each component is replaceable, which increases the product’s durability. It is made from recycled materials sourced locally.

Customized solution
for beekeepers

All wooden parts of the product are “Open Source,” which means that beekeepers can craft themselves parts of the product and adapt it to their specific needs.

All products are subject to a Creative Commons CC-BY-NC license.

Warranty 5 years

Product warranty and lifespan


At Bee Space™, we take pride in the quality and durability of our products, which is why we offer a degressive warranty on our wintering slipcover. We are confident that the BeeSplip™ is designed to withstand the harshest conditions and accompany you throughout many beekeeping seasons.


In order to offer a product closer to beekeeper’s needs, Bee Space’s™ mission is to share its innovations by offering freely all blueprints of its prefabricated bases. This allows beekeepers who wish to reduce the costs of acquiring the slipcover, to build their bases themselves if they have the capacity. Thereby, we reduce our environmental footprint of large-scale production.


Blueprint will be available shortly on our web page or on a 1: 1 scale pattern printed directly on the packaging. Subject to Creative Common CC-BY-NC license

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