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While traditional colony covering techniques don’t allow a proper evacuation of humidity and water vapour, beekeepers are facing humidity, mould and parasite problems due to a defective ventilation of the hives. Inspired by the best performing architectural envelopes available on the market, Bee Space has developed an exclusive wintering slipcover that offers a sufficient isolation, allows the evacuation of excessive humidity, protects equipment against bad weather and prevents vermin from entering the hives.

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wintering technique

Thought-out wintering method in respect with the bee’s biology and regulating current wintering practices. The slipcover design creates an air space between the hive and the slipcover, which is a rain guard principle inspired by contemporary architecture techniques. This separates the condensation point from the hive, therefore eliminating the damaging effects of frost and humidity accumulation on the colony and equipment.

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Preservation of
the colonies

Increases breathability, the evacuation of excessive humidity and adequate regulation of the apiaries’ inner environment during winter. By creating an air space, the colony is being properly ventilated allowing the bees to better cope with the humidity created by winter activities. Since bees handle cold well, the air space gives a sufficient isolation without overheating the colony during winter thaw periods.

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Increase of

Contributes to the rise of productivity and the colonies’ and pollination output, thereby increasing the health of the hives, harvest, equipment lifespan and beekeepers’ profitability. In business, it is imperative to end the financial year above zero. This is why Bee Space wishes to contribute to the increase of beekeepers’ turnover by offering them sustainable products adapted to their budget and allowing them to protect their investment.

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Fast and standardized

The slipcover design offers an intuitive, fast and sturdy installation allowing the beekeeper to spend his time elsewhere, such as moment spent on preparing for the wintering of colonies. Properly covering bee colonies should not take more time than other methods. A product offering a simplified installation can be a great time saver for beekeepers.

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The slipcover are made from recycled and upgraded materials allowing an extended product life cycle while reducing its environmental impact. Despite their energy consuming cost to manufacture, the steel plates have a very long service life and can be totally recycled. As for the canvas, it comes from scraps of architectural membranes and its durability is proven to be installed in winter conditions. The use of hemp fiber insulation is a major advantage for the cover; its resistance to humidity and its positive carbon footprint make it a material of choice for the Bee Space slipcover.



kit no.01 / 01 colonie / 1 Deep hive body

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kit no.02 / 01 colonies / 2 Deep hive body

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kit no.03 / 04 colonies 1 Deep hive body

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kit no.04 / 04 colonies 2 Deep hive body

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To launch the production of wintering slipcovers in the near future, Bee Space will soon start its crowdfunding campaign. If you believe in the undeniable contribution of bee colonies to beekeeping and food sovereignty, contribute to our project by subscribing to the Bee Space newsletter or by pre-ordering one of our products.

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